DOBRODOŠLI DO Era Alaska Virtual

 Our VA is constantly evolving and growing. We provide a wide range of flights from short range charter flights with a Cessna C172 up to medium range flights with a DeHavilland DHC-8. Our mission is to provide a place for adults to fly together in a structured environment and earn virtual dollars for the miles that they fly. We are constantly trying to improve our Infrastructure to have an up to date and full featured Virtual Airline.

 You are pretty much able to fly as you like here. You may fly off line or on line with our JoinFS server or on line with either VATSIM or IVAO. You can either fly the scheduled routes and charters that we publish or fly a charter route of your own making. If you wish to claim your flight hours and get virtual pay, you must install and run Sim ACARS, otherwise your hours won't count.

We welcome virtual pilots from the FSX,FSX (Steam),P3D, and X-Plane communities. At this time we can only accept Windows users. Our system is incompatible with Linux or Mac.


Piloti 15
Vazduhoplova u floti 76
Ruta 78
Ukupno sati: 373:45
Letova ukupno 64
Broj redovnih linija 11
Broj letova Charter 53
% Redovne linije 17.19 %


NadimakPilotOdlazakDolazakDatumVreme leta
ERA029Walter Houston  PATK  PAMR 2019-01-17 30:00
ERA004Francisco Chavarria  MYAF  KNEW 2019-01-17 03:00
ERA004Francisco Chavarria  KPIE  MYAF 2019-01-16 02:00
ERA023Michael Fazakas  PAKT  PAJN 2019-01-15 01:48
ERA004Francisco Chavarria  KHPN  KPIE 2019-01-14 02:33


PilotPriključio se
ERA029-Walter Houston2019-01-10
ERA028-jordan masterson2018-12-27
ERA027-Andre Santos2018-12-26
ERA026-Noam Belder2018-12-25
ERA024-Simon Keller2018-11-24





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